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Today’s guest is Emily He, SVP of Human Capital Management at Oracle’s Cloud Business Group. Currently ranked the 80th in the Fortune 100, Oracle is well-known for enterprise software and IT solutions. Emily has also managed the research that Oracle conducts annually on their employees’ impact, expectations, and thoughts on AI within their business. In this episode, Emily brings to bear some of the critical findings of this research. She also discusses the business implications for AI adoption strategies that don’t overwhelm the rest of a company’s teams. Discover more AI use-cases, best practice guides, frameworks, and more by joining Emerj Plus at

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This week’s guest is Ramprakash Ramamoorthy, Director of AI Research at Zoho Corporation. Based in the Bay Area, Zoho makes over $600M in annual revenue and offers a variety of software products, including CRM, business intelligence solutions, and more. Today, Ramprakash speaks about his hands-on experience on this topic, detailing the kind of collaboration, talent, and strategic thinking required to level up an existing suite of products with AI. He also discusses how team-building and the construction of an AI team facilitate this process to add value. Visit to learn more about the practical steps for AI deployment for non-technical professionals.

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Today’s guest is Patrick Bangert, VP of Artificial Intelligence at Samsung SDS, the services wing at Samsung. With $200B in annual revenue, Samsung is the 15th largest company in the world according to the Global 500. Today, Patrick discusses the use-cases of AI at the edge in medical imagery and how the healthcare industry may be able to overcome some of these hurdles to allow AI to improve even more quickly into the future. We are grateful to have been introduced to Patrick through Kisaco Research, the sponsor for this episode. Kisaco Research runs the Edge AI Summit every year, and this year it will be held November 16-18th in Mountain View, California, and online, where Patrick will also be speaking.

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This week’s guest is Merve Unuvar, Director of AI Platforms and Automation at IBM Research AI. This week’s focus is on the intersection of AI and RPA, which is a technology separate from AI, and how to identify places where efficiencies might be driven. Merve discusses how to evaluate our operations and workflow and spot places where AI might be able to make a real and tangible difference. Merve also speaks about how traditional RPA is beginning to merge with AI and what kinds of new opportunities this could bring. If you’re interested in unlocking Emerj’s AI best practice guides, frameworks for AI ROI, and other specific resources for AI consultants, visit

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