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Today's guest is Gaurav Srivastava, CTO and co-founder of FarEye, a low-code, Intelligent Delivery Management Platform for all types of businesses across many industries to facilitate deliveries at reduced cost and improved performance. In today's episode, Gaurav explores the potential for AI in logistics, what it looks like to move towards predictive, and what it looks like to unlock AI in a space known for not being at the screaming edge of technology. The evolution of this sector will mirror the evolution of many other legacy sectors and hopefully will help open up some ideas. If you are thinking about finding AI opportunities and building your strategies, download our FREE PDF Brief on "3 Ways to Discover AI Trends in Any Sector" at

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Today's guest is Pamela Negosanti, Head of Sector Strategy for Financial Services for, a vendor company based in Italy that works worldwide with their various NLP products. Pamela speaks to us today about financial services use cases and delivers lessons on where to find those pockets of value for NLP, and you can apply those lessons almost anywhere. She explains how to think about NLP on a conceptual level as a non-technical business person and talks about finding those pockets of value. If you want to examine your business and think about where search, conversational, or other kinds of NLP applications and use cases might find a home, this is undoubtedly an episode for you. Do you want to stay ahead of the AI and NLP curve? We've created the "Unlocking the Business Value of NLP - Critical Use-Cases and Applications" to give you the edge. Get it now from:

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Today's guest is Christophe Makni, a managing consultant of Lean, AI, and Automation at Basler Kantonalbank. Christophe brings a wealth of knowledge today on the culture required for AI in the enterprise and how we can conjure that culture. How can we encourage an iterative and experimental mindset from our leadership and see the benefit thereof? Are you interested in being part of a community of AI catalysts for business? Check out Emerj Plus at

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Today's guest is Bret Greenstein, SVP and Global Head of AI at Cognizant, one of the top 5 largest tech consulting companies globally, with 2019 revenue at nearly $17B. Bret speaks to us today about forecasting and predictive for critical business metrics and decisions. A big meta trend around AI adoption that he sees takes place across many industries since the Coronavirus. When it comes to businesses going from historical dashboards to more predictive decision-making, there is a general trend and opportunity that is beginning to arise, and Brett does a great job of putting the finger on it. Interested in more of his thoughts? Be sure to check out his other show and subscribe to our new AI Consulting Podcast at:

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Today's guest is Brian L. Keith, a research advisor for Emerj AI Research and Federal Azure Data & AI Leader for Microsoft, based in Washington, DC. Brian has spent nearly 21 years as senior director partner for IBM Data and AI, North America, focusing on the federal space. Brian speaks with us today about some of the core challenges to overcome when large companies adopt AI. He brings a perspective through the lens of technical debt and how AI projects build more technical debt than a foundation for AI to blossom and bloom into the future. Brian brings his perspective on how enterprise AI maturity develops how we can build as little technical debt as possible and invest in projects that can deliver ROI and set us up for the future. Suppose you need to frame the ROI case for the enterprise and go to market successfully. In that case, you might want to learn more about our Catalyst program, where we coach AI services and consulting company founders one-to-one and help them start and grow their business and enter the market with success. To learn more, visit:

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