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Neil Patel co-founder of KISSmetrics, CrazyEgg, and HelloBar - and has for years toured the country speaking on web marketing and web business. Many people know him from his massively popular blog "QuickSprout" (, or from his many appearances at major web and web business events.

In this episode, I pick Neil's brain with regards to some common questions around founding a fast-growing company, and bringing fresh talent onboard.

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Ari Popper is a renown consultant and businessman in the technology domain. Also an avid writer - Ari's present business venture at SciFutures involves crafting a story and positive, flourishing future trajectory for companies. His other company, A2O Technologies, uses emerging technology (like augmented reality [AR] and 3-D printing) to bring those visions to life.

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Peter Voss started a technology company as a young man and brought it to the Johannesburg stock exchange, and sold it. Financially independent, Peter explored research in artificial intelligence, and then came back into business ten years later with his company "Adaptive Artificial Intelligence." 

In our interview, we discuss the applications / ramifications of AI in business, as well as Peter's beliefs as to how genuine exploration of general intelligence is in many ways negated by commercial interest.

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Dr. Thomas Ray spent years studying life in the rainforest after earning his PhD in Biology from Harvard. Years later - fascinated with evolution and the idea of replicating the evolutionary process, he founded the Tierra project - one of the first successful research projects to replicate evolutionary adaptation in a digital environment.

In our interview here, we discuss Dr. Ray's views on the potential impossibility of a man-machine merger, or of machines housing consciousness. In addition, we talk about the very real possibility of biological enhancement, and Dr. Ray's concerns about how we might already be "losing our humanity."

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