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Handling Uncertaintly on a Grand Scale - an Interview with Cornell’s Dr. Joe Halpern

Decades ago, Cornell’s Dr. Joe Halpern wrote a book called “Reasoning with Uncertainty.” In this interview, we discuss alternatives approaches to handling large scale uncertainty - as might be applied to broad concerns such as environmental policy, or the management of hard-to-previct emerging technologies.


Through thought experiments and some philosophical exploration, Prof. Halpern explains some potential alternatives to “probabilities,” and opens up the door to other, potentially more robust methods of managing large, uncertain, important questions for humanity’s future.

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Fact and Fiction in the Left and Right Hemisphere - Neuroanatomy Basics with Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor became remarkably well-known following her TED talk called “My stroke of insight,” where she explained her experience of having a stroke from her perspective… that is to say: perspective of a neuroscientist. Since then Jill has been featured on Oprah, and her book (with the same title as her TED talk) is available in over 30 languages worldwide.

In this interview, Dr. Taylor explains her perspective on the place and purpose of the left and right hemispheres, and how an understanding of neuroanatomy might help us make sense of our own desires / drives, and help us lead a more fulfilling or productive life.

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Basic Building Blocks of Artificial Intelligence - with Dr. John MacCormack

Dr. John MacCormick is the author of the book “Nine Algorithms That Changed the Future: The Ingenious Ideas That Drive Today's Computers,” and in this interview, he shares some of the fundamental algorithms that support modern artificial intelligence, and his optimistic views on the future of AI.


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What Would it Take to Model the Human Mind? - Computational Neuroanatomy with Dr. Gregory Hickok

Dr. Gregory Hickok is working on modeling brain circuits related to hearing and auditory information at the University of California, Irvine.

Listen into this interview to hear what Greg believes might be the grandest application of cognitive neuroscience in the coming decade, and why - when asked about modeling the human brain in the coming decades - he says “I don’t see the brain giving up it’s secrets in the next couple of generations.”

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A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence, and a Look Towards it’s Future - with Stanford Researcher Dr. Nils Nilsson

Dr. Nils Nilsson was one of the early researchers in emerging technology back in the 1960s - graduating with his doctorate from Stanford before it had a computer science department.

In this interview, Dr. Nilsson joins me from his retirement residence in Oregon and shares his overview of the history of artificial intelligence - and his thoughts about it’s most meaningful impact in the coming 10-20 years.

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