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Today's guest is Emmanual Walckenaer, CEO of YSEOP, a company based in Paris and focused on Natural Language Generation. Emmanuel speaks to us today about workflows where automating reporting really delivers value, and we talk about two, in particular, one of which is credit risk. Understanding and assessing it, and what does that process look like today? What kind of data and insights are required, and where does AI fit into the mix? And we also look at improving report quality for people that are controllers or analysts. Emmanuel explores how the use cases work and how the underpinning data infrastructure comes together to create a natural language-generated report. This episode is sponsored by YSEOP. If you are interested in reaching Emerj's audience and learn more about our creative services and how brands work with Emerj, you can go to

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Today's guest is Michael Biltz, Managing Director of Technology Vision at Accenture. For many years Accenture has come out with their annual technology vision focusing on several trends they think will define the year ahead. Michael speaks to us today about adapting to the new world we have been hurled into with the Coronavirus. How does AI play a role in the near term? What does the future work look like five years out when it is AI-enabled? What are some of the big areas that corporations need to think about? If you are leading or starting a company and want to know what it looks like when we are all working together productively half a decade from now, this is an interview that will be eye-opening for you. And if you are interested in finding more AI trends in whatever industry you operate in, be sure to download our PDF brief "3 Ways to Discover AI Trends in Any Sector" at

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Today's returning guest is Per Nyberg, Chief Commercial Officer for Stradigi AI. Per spoke to us in the past about the process of getting started with AI, and he talks to us today about the kinds of changes we should see and expect if we do things well, once we do get started, in the experience of our actual employees. How are their lives and productivity going to change? How are our workflows going to change? This episode is sponsored by Stradigi AI. If you are interested in reaching the Emerj audience, whether through thought leadership, e-mail, podcasts, or more, you can go to to learn more about Emerj creative services.

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Today's guest is Adam Oliner, former Head of Machine Learning at Slack and current Founder and CEO of Stealth Mode Startup. Adam speaks to us today about how to find AI opportunities. What is a lens of thinking, the set of steps and phases to uncover the AI fit, and where can we unlock AI value in our business? How can we look through a pair of goggles that will show us where the business needs AI and the data assets can come together and deliver value in the business? Suppose you are interested in best practices for finding AI opportunities, building a strategy, building a roadmap, and conveying the ROI of AI when it comes to making the business case to leadership. In that case, you can learn more and access our entire AI use-case library in Emerj Plus at

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