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Today's guest is the great and brilliant Jim Benton, CEO of Chorus has raised over $100 million for its AI-driven platform, which helps sales teams transform conversations into data and insights. Episode topics include: how to build AI-driven products that effectively transform enterprise workflows, best practices for presenting the value of AI initiatives to various stakeholders, how to inspire adoption and ease intimidating factors, and risk management opportunities. Want to discover more best practices for presenting the ROI of AI? Check out Emerj Plus:

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Today's guest is the great and brilliant Roman Vitkovitsky. Roman supports the Pentagon's Cyberspace operations. He formerly served as COO/CTO of the Marine Corps Cyberspace Operations Group and in stints serving DARPA, NATO, and in multiple adjunct professor roles, to name a few. In this episode, Roman shares how AI is leading the bleeding edge for Cyberspace Defense, enabling nimble actions in complex threat environments. Leaders at all levels may find these insights powerful and relevant. Want to discover AI trends in any sector? Get Emerj's PDF guide:

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Today's guest is the great and brilliant Shri Santhanam, Global Head of Advanced Analytics & AI at Experian. The international credit reporting agency supports data-driven services in over 100 countries, with a database of over 1 billion individuals. In this episode, Shri breaks down the unique AI opportunities and challenges evolving for Experian. Episode topics include: the evolution of big data & analytics, data accessibility, and the AI skills landscape. Want to discover the best of Emerj's industry insights? Get Emerj Plus:

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Today's guest is the great and brilliant Kristopher Lorang, FS Product Manager at Iron Mountain, a secure storage company founded in 1951 when Herman Knaust repurposed his mine as a vault. Now a publicly-traded international services firm, Iron Mountain is still a leader in secure storage, which now includes digital record storage and management. The company's history exemplifies how organizations can and should evolve with the times. In this episode, Kris offers a peek at how Iron Mountain is staying on the cutting edge with AI-driven services for document search & discovery. Learn more at:

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Today's guest is the great and brilliant Keith Strier, VP of Worldwide AI Initiatives at NVIDIA. Previously, Keith served as Global AI Leader at Ernst & Young, where he supported nations to form and mature their AI plans. This included the development of AI infrastructure, education, and overall strategy. Dan and Keith met at the UN headquarters when presenting on a panel about the emergence of deepfakes (deep-learning-driven faked faces or other identifiers). Now, Keith shares his perspective on public sector AI planning from his perch at NVIDIA, relating what all enterprises and businesses can learn from the AI strategies of nations. Want to learn more about AI opportunities in the public sector? Get Emerj's US Public Sector AI Opportunity Report:

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Today's guest is the great and brilliant Geoffrey Tate, CEO of Flex Logix, a leader in AI chip engineering. In this episode, Geoffrey shares his valuable perspective on the critical use cases for high-powered edge compute across industries like computer vision, heavy industry, retail, and some broad applications useful across any sector. Flex Logix will be presenting at the Edge AI Summit, Nov 18-20, hosted by Kisaco Research. Learn more:

Today's guest is the great and brilliant Dr. Ivan Marin, Principal Data Scientist at the Daitan Group, one of America's fastest-growing software engineering firms. Dr. Marin earned his Ph.D. in Physics from EESC-USP. In this episode, he walks us through an exercise using the Machine Learning Canvas, exploring risks and opportunities associated with implementing and scaling AI for small and medium-sized businesses. The Daitan Group builds core technology, data solutions, and software products that scale:

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Today's guest is the great and brilliant Gilad Turbahn, Sr. Director of Product Management at Apttus, which acquired his former employer, Conga, for $700+ million in 2020, joining Apttus's quote-to-cash capabilities with Conga's contract lifecycle management platform. In this episode, Gilad helps us learn how AI can enhance back-office workflows, clearly mapping the space before and after implementation to show how AI creates value. Want to discover more opportunities to use natural language processing for automation? Get Emerj's free PDF brief: Unlocking the Business Value of NLP

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