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Today's guest is the great and brilliant Dr. Steve Omohundro, Chief Scientist at AIBrain. AIBrain is creating Turingworld, a powerful AI learning social media platform based on AI-optimized learning, AI-powered gamification, and AI-enhanced social interaction. Dr. Steve Omohundro received his Ph.D. in Physics from U.C. Berkeley. He also founded an organization to support AI safety and another organization to advance new intelligence architectures based on the programming language Omda, the specification language Omex, and the semantics language Omai. Episode topics include: how humans can build safe AI, what facets of AI development might/might-not require global governance, how the international community might best collaborate to prioritize AGI development efforts, and how AI may influence our lives as consumers.

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The great and brilliant Tim Estes returns for another conversation, this time focused on AI readiness. Tim is Founder & CEO of Digital Reasoning, an American AI company that raised over $130 million to bring cognitive computing services to intelligence agencies, financial institutions, and healthcare organizations. This episode's topics include: what AI readiness means, ground rules and AI readiness components including: data, expertise, and in-house talent. Want to learn more about how to implement AI in your organization? Download Emerj's guide:

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Today's guest is the great and brilliant Dr. Gregory Diamos, Transformation Engineer at Landing AI, an innovative AI engineering firm founded by Andrew Ng (who also founded Coursera and Dr. Diamos holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech. Previous to his current role, he served as Silicon Valley AI Research Lead for Baidu, after stints at Nvidia and Intel. Episode topics include: what sets apart AI hardware from other CPU's, what businesses and industries will especially benefit from advances in AI chips. Dr. Diamos is one of the presenters at this year's AI Hardware Summit, hosted by this episode's sponsor: Kisaco Research. Attend virtually, Sept 29 - Oct 7. Register today!

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Today we step farther into AI futures with the great and brilliant Jerome Glenn, Executive Director of The Millenium Project. This participatory think tank publishes the annual "State of the Future." For over a quarter of a century, Jerome has collaborated with organizations from the Red Cross to the Korean government to map out potential futures. Episode topics include: critical global stakeholders for technology governance, win-win scenarios for international collaboration, how artificial general intelligence might transform the future.

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Today I'm excited to welcome the return of one of our veteran guests, the great and brilliant Dr. Babak Hodjat, VP of Evolutionary AI at Cognizant, one of the world's most intelligent enterprise IT integration & service firms. Babak has 20+ years of AI experience, founding his first AI startup in 1998 in the SF Bay area and later founding Sentient Technologies, which raised $174 million to innovate with AI in trading. In this episode, Babak shares best practices for pilot projects, to set expectations for enterprise implementations. Want to learn more about how to get started with AI in your organization? Check out Emerj's guide:

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Today's guest is the great and brilliant Dr. Francisco Zamora-Martinez, Facial Biometrics Lead at Veridas. Francisco received his Ph.D. from the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, and Digital Imaging. Episode topics include: opportunities and challenges presented by facial recognition and biometrics, unique opportunities for AI innovation in Europe, and how Europe is leading technology transformation. Want to learn more? Check out Emerj's professional reports:

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Today I'm happy to bring you another futurist discussion, with the great and brilliant David Wood. David holds degrees in Mathematics and Philosophy from Oxford University. He is a thought leader and activist in multiple organizations, notably serving as Board Director of SingularityNET (with Ben Goertzel), Chair of the London Futurists, and Executive Director of Transpolitica. Episode topics include: David's perspective on the practical steps and interim goals that could lead toward broader international collaboration for AI governance, bridges from near-term to long-term governance, potential transformations of international politics, and other issues of AI ethics.

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Listen to Dan's interview with the great and brilliant Dr. Derek Wang, CEO and Founder of Stratifyd. Dr. Wang's AI-powered analytics company has raised $50 million+, enabling enterprise companies to transform structured and unstructured human textual data from a unified platform. Episode topics include: a view of analytics for financial services before and after transformation for machine learning, the maturity landscape from retrospective dashboards to predictive analytics, and Derek's hard-won lessons from new implementations. Want to discover the core AI use cases driving transformation in Financial Services? Get Emerj's FS Cheat Sheet:

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Today I'm excited to welcome back the great and brilliant Peter Voss, founder/ CEO/ Chief Scientist of and AGI Innovations. Peter is one of the world's most prominent minds in the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) space. Peter collaborated and contributed to AGI work with Ben Goertzel, which resulted in the eponymous book, Artificial General Intelligence, and Shane Legg, now Chief Scientist at Google's DeepMind. Episode topics include: potential futures for AI capabilities and legislation, and what it means to prepare for an AI boom. Peter's first podcast appearance was back in 2013, and I've had the pleasure of swapping ideas with him about his work and publications over the years since. He's an essential mind in this space, and I'm grateful to have him back as a contributor to this series.

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Mark Ewing, Sr. Technologist and Architect at Eastman Chemicals, emphasizes identifying key leverage points for AI as foundational for successful and profitable AI adoption in the enterprise. He asserts that the challenges of high engineering and adequate staffing are made easier with clear and compelling opportunities in scope for executives. Eastman has delivered specialty chemicals for over 100 years, earning over $9 billion in revenue for 2019. We're grateful to learn from his highly valuable perspective atop Eastman's formidable presence in the industry. Aiming to transform your organization's capabilities for AI readiness? Download Emerj's guide:

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Today I'm excited to share a conversation with Mark Gazit, CEO of ThetaRay. This New York-based fintech firm raised over $80 million to expand threat detection solutions to critical infrastructure, financial institutions, and other verticals. Mark speaks about where AI is enabling new capabilities in compliance and fraud detection, shares valuable insights for successful AI deployments, and risk management lessons that translate to other industries. Want to apply AI in finance? Download Emerj's AI in Financial Services Cheat Sheet:

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Today I'm excited to welcome back long-time friend and alumnus of the podcast, Dr. Roman Yampolskiy. Roman is Director of the University of Louisville's Cybersecurity Lab. He has authored four books and many more academic publications about AI, cybersecurity, AI safety, and other areas of computer science. This discussion jumps off from ideas in his most recent book, "Artificial Superintelligence: a Futuristic Approach," and unpacks further-out AI futures, exploring possibilities and challenges pertaining to AI governance, artificial general intelligence, and more...

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