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In this episode - I interview Brad Burge, Marketing and Communications Director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).


Brad gives an overview of the real history of psychedelics, where they got a bad name and how they can be used now for the benefit of the human mind and psychoterapy. 

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Brain-Machine Interface on the Cutting Edge - with BrainGate's Dr. Janos Perge

BrainGate is one of the world's foremost research projects in Brain Machine Interface. Dr. Janos Perge works with BrainGate at Brown University, and offers a deeply insightfu perspective of what problems brain-machine interface may be able to solve in the coming years.

For more interviews on the intersection of technology and psychology, visit:

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"3-D" printing is a hot term right now, and it sure makes for some fun YouTube videos and interesting prototypes - but where is it's "transformative" effect being felt today? Where is it most likely to gain traction in the coming 5 years?

In this episode, we talk to Jeremy Fryer-Biggs, co-founder of Mebotics, a personal 3-D printer company - specifically about 3-D printings present and future impact on work and life. Tune into the episode here, and remember to find similar articles online at:

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In this episode - I interview Chris Mirabile, Managing Director at Launchpad Venture Group. Chris named one of XConomy's "Top Angel Investors in New England" for 2012 and formerly served as CFO for IONA Technologies PLC.

Chris discusses the important tenets & principles behind successful angel investing along with insights on tuning out the "noise" and staying alert for various market signals.

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