AI in Business

Today's guest is Michael Biltz, Managing Director of Technology Vision at Accenture. For many years Accenture has come out with their annual technology vision focusing on several trends they think will define the year ahead. Michael speaks to us today about adapting to the new world we have been hurled into with the Coronavirus. How does AI play a role in the near term? What does the future work look like five years out when it is AI-enabled? What are some of the big areas that corporations need to think about? If you are leading or starting a company and want to know what it looks like when we are all working together productively half a decade from now, this is an interview that will be eye-opening for you. And if you are interested in finding more AI trends in whatever industry you operate in, be sure to download our PDF brief "3 Ways to Discover AI Trends in Any Sector" at

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