Artificial Intelligence in Industry with Dan Faggella

Sagie Davidovich has founded and served as CTO for a number of startups in the technology field, including the semantic web. Now, Sagie's focus has shifted with his new company SparkBeyond - to the future of software. Namely, it's increasing adaptability to entirely new levels of modification and evolution. Sagie discusses his own work in developing "Liquidware," and the forces at play today in the evolution of software. 

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Neil Patel co-founder of KISSmetrics, CrazyEgg, and HelloBar - and has for years toured the country speaking on web marketing and web business. Many people know him from his massively popular blog "QuickSprout" (, or from his many appearances at major web and web business events.

In this episode, I pick Neil's brain with regards to some common questions around founding a fast-growing company, and bringing fresh talent onboard.

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Ari Popper is a renown consultant and businessman in the technology domain. Also an avid writer - Ari's present business venture at SciFutures involves crafting a story and positive, flourishing future trajectory for companies. His other company, A2O Technologies, uses emerging technology (like augmented reality [AR] and 3-D printing) to bring those visions to life.

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Peter Voss started a technology company as a young man and brought it to the Johannesburg stock exchange, and sold it. Financially independent, Peter explored research in artificial intelligence, and then came back into business ten years later with his company "Adaptive Artificial Intelligence." 

In our interview, we discuss the applications / ramifications of AI in business, as well as Peter's beliefs as to how genuine exploration of general intelligence is in many ways negated by commercial interest.

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Dr. Thomas Ray spent years studying life in the rainforest after earning his PhD in Biology from Harvard. Years later - fascinated with evolution and the idea of replicating the evolutionary process, he founded the Tierra project - one of the first successful research projects to replicate evolutionary adaptation in a digital environment.

In our interview here, we discuss Dr. Ray's views on the potential impossibility of a man-machine merger, or of machines housing consciousness. In addition, we talk about the very real possibility of biological enhancement, and Dr. Ray's concerns about how we might already be "losing our humanity."

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Klint Finley has written for a vast number of technology media sources, including TechCrunch - and his present job with WIRED. One of his most popular topics is "Big Data," and in this interview we break down this buzz-word into an understanding of it's meaning and it's implications (including potentially unexpected ways it's being leveraged today).

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Artificial General Intelligence - Path to Progress - Dr. Helgi Helgason

Dr. Helgi Helgason points out the the field of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) has really only been around since 2008, but that at last there is an interdisciplinary effort to attain a level of general intelligence in machines. In our interview we talk about his research, the most promising applications of AGI, and potential issues with the development of the field today.

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Dr. Robin Hanson - The Path Forward for a Better Human Future

Dr. Robin Hanson is a recognized thought leader in the ramifications of emerging technology on economics and society. Being a featured speaker at the Singularity Summit, a research advisor for the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, and a prolific writer on the topic of existential risk and emerging technology.

In this interview, we cover the trouble of honestly looking at future topics, and how current "future" issues are often just sensationalized versions or present concerns. Dr. Hanson says "Few people are ACTUALLY focused on the ACTUAL future." How can we improve, innovate, and collaborate despite this?

Listen in.

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Aubrey de Grey - Chief Science Officer, SENS Foundation - On Ending the Disease of Death

Aubrey de Grey is possibly the most well-known proponent of the anti-aging movement. His work at the SENS foundation has been pivotal in bringing attention and legitimate scientific gusto to the problem of eliminating aging as a cause of death and detriment. What does he think about "death as a good thing," or about the progress made thus far on curing aging? Tune into the intereview here.

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Ben Goertzel - The Status and Future of Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Ben Goertzel is widely recognized as the father of Artificial General Intelligence - or the study of super-human artificial intelligence that is not limited to a certain subject, activity, or domain. Through his leadership this "AGI" field has taken shape, and his leadership at the OpenCog Foundation continues to be a driving force in the progress towards human-level intelligence in machines.

In this interview we discuss the status and future of AI, as well as some of Ben's own predictions and projects. For more information, check out or see the full interview article online at:

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